CerberRads is a collection of 10,000 shardspace dwelling 3 headed hounds, created by a trio of Radix obsessed crypto nerds.

CerberRads is a chance to own a 100% unique piece of collectible art, and a way to help Radix dominate the cryptosphere.

Who is behind the project?

We have been following Radix since 2019. We joined the community when Dan and the team ditched Tempo and moved to Cerberus, preferring something that can truly scale. We participated in the token sale, then watched from the sidelines as Radix went through the token unlock, governance debates, and exchange listing drama. It's been amazing to see the growth in the community, and we are excited to play a larger role.

What are your plans with the funds raised?

Once all 10,000 CerberRads are sold 50,000 XRD will be reserved and distributed to the CerberRAD community to encourage the advocating of Radix online! (Think of incentives for those helping in the Radix Push Channel.)

30,000 XRD held in reserve until XRD hits $1. We will then create and fund CeberDAO with our community, allowing you to vote on which projects we fund. (Post Babylon)

How do I reserve a CerberRADS?

Follow the instructions here: Instructions

Is this a real NFT?

At the moment this is a normal token, linked to your reserved CerberRAD. Once smart contracts go live with Babylon, you will be able to claim your nonfungible token. Your reservation is recorded on the ledger via the transaction message.

What are the traits of the CerberRADS?

We have 120 traits, all of which can be seen when you select a CerberRAD on the collection page. Each CerberRAD also has a unique name! Which one will you adopt?