Stage 1:

  • Launch of Website
  • CerberRADS traits and designs completed.
  • The first sneak peeks via Twitter
  • Community building and project introduction.

Stage 2:

  • Launch of Genesis Collection (Pre Babylon reservation).
  • Weekly giveaway to current holders.
  • 500 Hellhounds airdropped to Radix community
  • Increase in marketing and partnerships.

Stage 3:

  • Babylon release of NFT.
  • Listing on Radix NFT Marketplace.
  • Explore partnerships with Radix Metaverse projects.
  • Grow team - Community/Marketing/Developers.
  • Once all 9,500 are sold 30,000 XRD will be distributed to community members actively working to promote Radix online. The CerberRad community will become the foremost advocates of Radix DLT. We will be the Kings of Radix Push. You will see CerberRads everywhere!

Stage 4:

  • We wish to continue to build on Radix, grow the Radix community, and are exploring the potential of an NFT Marketplace, Metaverse, play to earn games, and more. We are open to ideas from the CerberRAD community and would love to explore potential collaborations with holders.