How to Reserve CerberRADS

Send 69 XRD per CerberRad to the following radix wallet:


In the message field, write "reserve", followed by the number associated with each CerberRad, separated by commas. E.g if you want 3 the message would look like this:

reserve 8765, 496, 9999

  • Do not include the CerberRads name.
  • Do not encrypt the message.

If the CerberRad you want has already been reserved, a refund will be sent to you for any that were unable to be reserved.

You will receive 1 CERBER token per CerberRAD

If you do not follow the above instructions your funds will be sent back, minus 1 XRD to cover the transaction fees. You will not receive the token.

The CERBER token is for the purpose of reserving an CerberRad only. It will not be listed on an exchange or have any other utility.

Trading CerberRADS

Trading your CERBER token is not currently supported - trading it away from the address that reserved it may result in you being unable to claim your NFT when it launches.

A trading system will be released soon to enable trading CERBER tokens and updating the reservation list.